About LSSC

Leeming Strikers began with Melville Alemania who have always been based at John Connell Reserve, as part of the Leeming Sports Association since its inception in 1986. The Leeming Sports Association did and still does hold the lease at John Connell Reserve from Melville City Council and at the time comprised only the now Leeming Spartans Cricket Club and Leeming Strikers Soccer Club.

In 1992, Melville Alemania joined with the Corinthian Soccer Club to become Melville Corinthians. Melville Corinthians played in the Soccer West Coast second division until 1997 when it changed its name to Leeming Strikers and moved to dark and light blue colours to tie in with the cricket club.

The Strikers finished 13th in the Soccer West Coast first division in 1997 and to retain presence in that division had to form an alliance with Perth City, resulting in Perth City Leeming Strikers during the 1998 season in which they finished 8th.

In July of 1998 negotiations were commenced by the LSA to extend the ground to accommodate 4 soccer pitches and 2 cricket ovals, and update facilities. However, negotiations were turned on their head when the Council decided to instead have the Leeming Bowling Club join the LSA and spend <$3 million dollars on a new building for all groups; the LSA to raise $1.8 million towards this. The Bowling Club were officially added to the LSA in 1999.

The club then reverted back to Leeming Strikers in 1999, finishing second from the bottom and bottom in 2000. A restructure in 2001 allowed them to remain in state division one until 2004.

After many years of waiting and endless meetings with the Council, the LSA received keys to the new club room in 2003.

In 2005 the newly formed Football West governing body saw a split into semi-professional and amateur leagues resulting in Leeming Strikers withdrawing from the semi-professional league and not re-entering until 2008 when an amateur 4th division side was entered.

2008 also saw the restart of addition of women’s teams to Leeming Strikers after then President Richard Newton welcomed a group of ex Queens Park players with open arms. Since then the club has been operating with at least 6 sides comprising of men’s amateur/men’s social, men’s masters and women’s state league sides.

If you know more about the history of our club and can fill in some gaps, please contact 

Thanks to Brian Waterer and Graeme Ashley (LSA/Spartans) for the booklet “A history of the LSA 1986-2013” which has given us great insight to the history of both our club and the LSA.



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